"Then I realized I had to be my own hero."

10 word story" series - #64 - unpoeticheartbreak (via perfect)

(via perfect)

"Tell me again about the scar on the back of your knee, the one you got
falling out of a tree house at ten years old and how it’s shaped like 
a four
leaf clover. The grown-ups keep telling us to stop 
romanticizing our lives
as a coping mechanism, but isn’t it so much easier 
to live in a world
we’re in love with?
It’s okay that it will never love 
us back.
My mother was trimming the hedges in our yard the other day 
accidentally slit the sky’s throat — I’d never seen a sunset more beautiful.
Listen. All I want to do is move you without having to physically touch you.

I am tired of writing about your skin."